Friday, July 21, 2006


For the past week now, the sky has been a bland grey, color of indifference. Hours go by, then days, and now weeks; and we are still stuck in this awful mess. It is easy to pretend that this is not happening; to pretend that what you see belongs to a different people, that the reason you're not at work is because you're on an extended holiday. It is easy to sit at home, watch tv, and stuff yourself. As a friend put it, we may die, but its certainly not going to be from hunger, since everyone who is not subjected to bombardments has stocked up on supplies, because they feel they should depend on themselves and no other.

This is where they are mistaken.

Today, the sky has cleared, and for the first time in what seems a long time, the sun is shining, though meekly, it is shining. And for me, it is a sign that this wallowing in self-pity must end too, as must our self-centered world. It is time to look up and gaze... to absorb the aftermath of this ungoing dilemna. And it is time to make a difference. Anyone and everyone can make a difference. For me, today it is through cooking for some refugees with a group of friends. Tomorrow, it might be through this blog. The day after, it could be by phoning a friend who is feeling down. And beyond, it could be by sending a thought your way.

Let's not bail out on our country, though the tv is telling us otherwise. Let's not turn the blind eye and pretend it doesn't concern us.
Instead, let's look beyond the name and religion to the hunger and despair in the eyes of the people who need our help.


At Friday, July 21, 2006 , Blogger Mark Pagdin said...


As always your words say it all. There is a protest on Saturday in London to show our support for Lebanon

Jenny and I are hoping to go. Please take care and send our love to the family.


At Friday, July 21, 2006 , Blogger zena said...

joumy, you are a blessing... your spirit is beautiful. keep it up. and when i feel down, i'll call you to be cheered up :) now i know who to call!!


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