Sunday, July 23, 2006


The reason we Lebanese are resilient is the fact that we carry our identity wherever we go. I am very proud of this fact and I have seen it stand the test of time.

Lebanese located all over the world are starting protests and march to shed light on the injustice being done to their people. It doesn't matter that they are miles away, on different continents, daughters and sons of immigrants, their voices still shout out: Leave MY country alone!

This brings great comfort to all the people still rooted in Lebanon, because after watching scores of people, foreign and Lebanese, leaving the country, we kind of feel left behind.

Today I can't concentrate. It's dawning on me that we're in this for the long run. I have not been able to go to work for nearly 2 weeks now. This forced retirement is draining me more than 8 hour shifts... I have dreams. I want to build my house. I need to work. I need to save. I need...

This limbo can't go on forever, stuck in a hellish situation waiting for the miraculous save...
And after, what comes after? How long will it take to pick up the pieces? This time, will we stop trying to mend a broken jar, and create a new one, more in light with our needs? Will we brave enough to do so? For the sake of my unborn children, who will live in my dream house, I hope for a re-born Lebanon.


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