Friday, October 13, 2006


And SO i embark on the latest quick water situation that has left me appalled at the flip side of human nature. Recently, I have been wondering: whatever happened to the motto "do unto others as you want others to do unto you?"
Having been raised on that notion, i was extremely surprised to find it has exceptionally little followers. For example: when i am honest in my dealings, i am stabbed in the back; when i bend over backwards to accomodate someone, they conveniently forget me after the deadline has been met.

Why isn't kindness reciprocated with kindness? Or at least good will? Why the need to nullify the other? There is no winner when there is no competition left. If everything happening around us was a disproportionate and unjust reaction to something else, would we have the courage to take initiatives and make the world a better place? I don't know many people who are that brave...

This is not an attempt to be justified or avenged. It is a sincere plea for honesty and fairness. I know the world is a harsh place. I know i'm in for a rude awakening. I live only in the illusion that the person whom you did not knowingly hurt, should not, in the pursuit of his/her own goals, trample over you.

If only we could respectfully find a way to move forward without acting beneath us, the law of action/reaction would prove very useful indeed.


At Sunday, November 26, 2006 , Anonymous Diane S. said...

Yes, this is very hard to understand, and I struggled with this for years: How could people make up deliberate lies or be uncaring or unfeeling? I finally learned that it's not arrogant to realize that it is not as easy for many others to feel empathy, or to make good choices, as it is for some of us, for whatever reason. This insight helps me to be more understanding and tolerant, and to feel gratitude for being blessed with a conscience. I also feel a greater sense of responsibility for those things which fall within my stewardship.
As time goes on, you will find others who share your sensibilities, and you will feel less alone. You will build resources and find your way to a reasonable sense of safety in the world. You will gain wisdom from your experiences, and empathy, and you will know that your tormentors, in at least a small way, also brought you the opportunity to grow.
Yes, there is genuine evil in the world, and we often suffer from other people's choices, but the efforts that we make are important and will have their effect. You are having an impact on the world, so try not to be discouraged. And I thank you for your efforts.

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