Thursday, August 17, 2006

As the dust settles

As the dust settles, and silence pervades our soul, we look around to find ourselves once again alone. The war seems faraway, even though it has marked or in fact temporarily rearranged our landscape. Muffled beneath the victory are the despair and grief of a people who have lost it all. Masked is pain and suffering and bad dreams.

But no one dares to go there. As long as nothing is being blown up then there is no need to shed some light on it. Then again, did we expect more? In these last summer nights drained of fun and love of life, awaiting the red orange leaves of fall, we ponder the cycle of violence... We are all trying to survive, not heal, and so we forget to look around us and see the real problem: the fear, the anger, the helplessness, that are hidden among the rubble.

As the dust settles, we are left standing in the middle of a battlefield where imaginary battles rage on, where peace is as elusive as the sound of birds, and a lonely flag is raised high on the remains of a home, a land, a country.


At Thursday, August 17, 2006 , Blogger jarvenpa said...

May you survive--and may you heal. And may the world heal. One of these days we're going to grow up and stop doing such stupid things as killing each other.
You're not forgotten, you know.
And I know that words are cheap--but I send you my good thoughts, anyway, and my thanks for your clear thoughts.

At Friday, August 18, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello my dear,
thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in this intelligent way that touches my heart.During the war as many others I felt with all the people that had to stand this escalation in your country and in Israel. I hope you can get over what you had to experience in the last weeks. Take your time!Even if I live far away from you , I feel close to you. I never had to experience what it means to live under bombing, trembling for the own live. But let me say, what I truly share with you is the fear. It´s a fear from deep inside making me sick. A deepest fear of what our all future will bring, a fear of the world totally breaking apart caused by the rising clash between the countries whose constitutions pronounce (or are on the way to) human rights, liberty and equality for women and men and those who wants to fight against this way of life due to any reasons.
As it seems there will be no coming together for the next centuries. These 2 ,,systems" do not let each other be, they are searching for conflict at so many places in the world whilest they don’t see that they are depending on each other in many ways.
No one can feel safe.
I am afraid of this, I am afraid to see our world struggling and fighting. I am not living in war but I have to fear violance in the form of terror attacks on planes and public places comitted by people whose thoughts are totally strange to me. I am afraid of this!
I´am afraid to see human beings using violence instead of using the human competence of dialogue. What can we counter with? The hope and involvement for peace-loving people to maintain. As jarvenpa sais: may the world heal.
Take care.
All my love Carolin, 24, Germany.

At Friday, August 18, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is hard for one to fight to survive but during that fight one act of kindness can change the outcome. it can change a person, a neighbourhood, a city, a country and a world. it may start with one but if for every act of kindness that is done another follows it would not take long for it to come full circle. i know i am living in the sky but it is a wonderful thought isn't it!


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