Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My precious

My precious,
You are not here and yet you fill my world
I can already see you: dark hair, pale skin,
eyes gleaming with mischief,
beautiful and healthy...
and even if you are not, i will love you all the same

My precious,
We have been waiting for you,
All my life has been in preparation for this moment
When I will hold you in my arms.
You are a gift from the dearest person in the world
One i will treasure forever... and one who will also treasure me
From now on, it is all about you

My precious,
Dear little soul growing in me,
I can feel every move you make...
I can feel you stretching your toes and yawning and going to sleep, feeling safe
I talk to you often, telling you stories about your dad, about me, about all the things we're going to do together...

So sleep tight, my precious. Mommy's looking over you tonight

dedicated to new mommy peggy!


At Saturday, October 28, 2006 , Blogger jarvenpa said...

A new child is a great blessing; may this one grow in safety and peace.


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