Monday, December 18, 2006


A cold breeze ruffles my hair, and I pull my coat tighter around me, but autumn is still here, refusing to leave and concede its place to winter. The season of dead leaves and bare trees has grown attached to our land... Maybe winter is still at bay because the sky has no more tears left to cry in the rain... I look around me and see scarcely decorated streets, looking gloomy and undressed without the many Christmas lights and trees and stars; crying out for people to fill the void, for carols to fill the air, and for a sense of security and peace to reign.

This year, there won't be snow in Lebanon at Christmas time. The mountain tops are still brown and gray and their rocky slopes are devoid of that special icing that makes the moon shine brighter and reflect their whiteness. Many people are without homes, family members, supplies, not to mention gifts... This Christmas... it will be a long time forgetting this Christmas...

First and foremost Christmas is reflected in feelings of hope, joy, understanding, and promises of better tomorrows...
Christmas is a time for sharing and caring and listening...
Christmas is a time of LOVE and rebirth...

From the social to the personal level, Christmas is elusive. Maybe it is caught in the post, maybe it was re-routed somewhere else, maybe the north star isn't shining as brightly as it used to... I don't know... But Christmas... is not here this year... yet... will it arrive on time?


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