Monday, November 27, 2006

If I could, would I?

For some it is an option, for others a reality...
When in old age, memories are blurred and the vision of the past replaces the present...
When the future is a constant journey backwards, where fantasy and reality play hand in hand to create disillusionment and confusion is the ultimate prize...

Everyday starts in a memory of a place, which in the present, is no more... And everyday, the journey to the familiar starts anew.

If i could, would i?

Would i relish the promise of new horizons, or mourn those i passed along the way? Would i embrace the unknown or pine for the comfortably secure? Would i become a nomad or a madwoman? And would i surrender to the reality or fight against it?

What people or objects characterize my home? Would there presence be sufficient to keep me moving forward? Would i journey back to my "house" every night, or will my new destination become my "home"?

If i could, would i? I may not be lucid enough to know...


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