Thursday, January 18, 2007

Someday... soon?

Life is still on hold, with demonstrations and sit-ins serving as bleak reminders that we are at a stand still and that at any moment our lives will be disrupted again... For a better future, they say; for our children, they say; for ourselves...

I am tired of having to repeat the same thing over and over in a an attempt to achieve it. I sympathize with the people who have exchanged their homes with more temporary ones as tents in Downtown Beirut. But I also need to find closure, I need to believe I am doing the right choice by standing by my country, in my country. I think we all need to feel at home, not as guests.... We all need to contribute to growth... We all need to do the right thing not because we will gain something out of it, but because it is right....

This kind of post is becoming obsolete, because no action is being taken... neither by those for or against the system... and what a system it is... people are caught up in petty re-runs of political stand-offs with different parties allying themselves with former foes or friends... and like soap-operas, there are sometimes dramatic events, but in the end it is a long, boring, process whose actions though entertaining are banal, and have no effect on our daily life.

The people at the bottom of the food chain, the ones these politicians are supposed to serve, are still struggling to make ends meet: to find a decent job, to save enough money to buy a house, to find adequate health care, and to maintain some semblance of a dream in their hearts as they continue to believe that someday it will be alright, someday it won't be as hard, someday they will be judged by their actions not by their religion or political alliance...

Someday... soon?


At Saturday, January 20, 2007 , Blogger Margaret said...

I know what you mean. All of this seems to have been going on forever. I was looking over the photos I took of the Christmas trees downtown dedicated to the martyrs with enough power to be recognized, Hariri, Gemayel,etc,... What strikes me most is how many of the last names are the same ones that I remember from my youth in Lebanon. What has changed? The same debates and same last names just differnt generations.
I too want those without power and resources to have a voice and want to believe that this standstill is about them. Unfortunately, I am not convinced.

At Sunday, January 21, 2007 , Blogger jarvenpa said...

I hope you will not feel it impertinent that I, in the US, related so exactly to your statement. No, I have not seen my little town under bombs--but my country has been attacking others, sending soldiers, doing so many things I detest and do not support for so long--and it seems to go on, regardless of the letters, the actions, the demonstrations, the teach ins..
But I still hold to a bit of hope. For us. For you. For all of us.


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