Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Barcelona... with love


i have been here in Barcelona for a little over a month now, soaking up to the beautiful city, set on discovering future goals... and meeting new people! and i plan on making the most of this experience.. and using it to grow...wings... that will bridge together the different parts of my soul.

this experience is teaching me something already... no matter where you are geographically, home is where your heart is... that is your ultimate citizenship...

the masters course is interesting not only in the course description, but also in that it is a meeting of citizens of the world, from all around the world, united in a common cause... and its interesting to see from a birds eye view how local problems are in fact international, and that there are many creative solutions that we just canĀ“t see... so its really an eye opener, and maybe after this time is over... i will be able to give back a little... to Lebanon...

i promise to try and write with some regularity, and to explore the issues im dealing with... unfiltered as usual... so bear with me!

my first post from barcelona, with love...


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