Thursday, July 29, 2010

journey towards re-alignment

I have been trying to figure out what this blog is about, where it's aiming to go, what is it's contribution, and how it can communicate with others too. Since it is personal and i am currently all over the place, it too has been drifting somehow for the past few months...

Lots of the thoughts crossing my mind these days have to do with belonging, with passion, with goals and with direction.

I am on a journey to re-align, and while i find my right path, i will try many, in a sincere attempt to open up to the unknown, to the unfamiliar, to broaden my horizons and look at the world with new eyes...
unlearning to learn
discovering new media and tools
pushing my boundaries - geographically, literally and metaphorically

So with the conviction that clarity is underway, i will not wait for the perfect post, the poetic word, the compelling illustration... i will explore this void openly and without fear of failure, embracing it and moving on... following where the road may lead...


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