Thursday, July 29, 2010

my rings

over the years, i have found my physical anchor to be a ring.
every finger on every hand is symbolic to me, and the ring itself too.
whether is was a gift, or self bought,
simple or elaborate
expensive or cheap

for me, it has always acted as a symbol
representing commitment
both to myself and towards others

a pact...
made with the heart,
acknowledged by the mind,
and acted upon by the body.

a beacon for my life energy,
and a reminder not to falter,
and to pick myself up after every hardship,
or sweet victory,
and go on...

for many years i have chosen
to wear a ring.

i have carefully selected
its shape, its color and its texture.

embued it with meaning,
and placed it on one of my fingers,
looked at it often during the day,
felt it while i drummed the steering wheel when driving,
and been marked by its imprint on my skin...

each ring was unique.
each stood for a certain dream.
sometimes for a person.

but today, i am wearing a ring for myself:
a commitment to me
to grow
to explore
to heal
to forgive
to hope
to risk
to search
to find
to connect
to be alone
to be at peace

over the course of a year, my right thumb has been graced with 3 different rings,
and this makes sense, for the seasons in me have been changing and evolving,
and at each stage had different needs.

my current ring is a simple steel band, which has been surprisingly hard to find,
and initially came with a little girl figurine...

nothing being random in this world,
it came as a reminder to honor and cherish my feminine side not just my masculine side...
to acknowledge and balance these 2 major forces co-existing in each of us, making us whole.


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