Monday, March 26, 2007

Feeling all grown-up

My birthday passed, and with it all the frustrations that had been building up; and i've been left feeling... not older, but grown-up, stripped of childish illusions and unrealistic deadlines.

It has made me set different time lines for growth and search for new short-term goals. It has made me reconsider what I believed where basic building blocks and has taught me the importance of being flexible, because in the long term exposure to hardships, at least I will not break as I have been doing so far...

This has been an important experience for me, albeit an unkind one, as I have weathered a lot of emotions and expectations and dreams... I have learned that if you expect the solution to come solely from something or someone, you will end up being disappointed, because if you don't find your peace within, you will not find it outside yourself; which is why you shouldn't wait to reach your breaking point to find an alternative way to attain your dreams.


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 , Blogger jarvenpa said...

You are sounding not only very grown up but wise. May it be a good year for you. My own daughter just turned 22 (April 3)and is perhaps somewhat resisting growing up (and who can blame her). I made her a cake decorated with little bunnies. It made her laugh.
I'd wish you some laughter as well, with all your wisdom.


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