Saturday, April 28, 2007


A few days ago, 2 young men were kidnapped and murdered; and yesterday, Miss Lebanon pageant was underway and a new representative of Lebanese beauty was chosen...

It takes courage to vacillate between the extremes of the emotional sphere... between joy and sadness, happiness and fear, love and hate...

We are a resilient people, bordering on insensitivity, for over-exposure renders our senses numb, our hearts colder, and our compassion weaker.

It feels strange to be back to posting about world-grabbing headlines, especially since they consistently feature in the morbid section, but every now and again a joyful event adds a splash of color to our drab situation. Thank God its not red...

What more can I say? What can I promise? I can only say with certainty that the future is uncertain. That it takes so much effort to remember why you are still faithful to your country, why you still call it home... That while you are busy working towards a better future, some can still not get over the bloody past. That while you are investing hope in children, some are instilling fear in adults.

Should we:
Stop caring?
Give in?
Be silent?

Is it our heritage to be nomads in foreign countries; giving them our youth, intelligence, and fervor?

Is it our destiny to remain quarelling between one another, too busy shouting to hear the tears?

Is it?

I refuse to believe in such a sinister proposition.
I refuse to be sucked in to the negative vibes circulating.

We are sons and daughters of pioneers, of people who braved the seas, climbed the mountains and reached out to touch the stars.

We are meant for goodness, compassion, and solidarity.

And we believe in making our own destiny.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Honored + Humbled: Thinking Blogger Award

I am honored and humbled that this blog has been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award. This cannot have come at a better time, since the company I work for is undergoing a reorganization and i have been stressed over an important meeting to happen today. I promise to write more faithfully and frequently soon.

The award comes with the task of bringing to light five more "Thinking Bloggers" who make a difference so here it goes:
Margaret, fellow blogger, I feel I know so well... Thank you so much for nominating me for the Thinking blogger award... you touch my heart by your inner yearning for a better tomorrow, a better self, and I feel these sentiments echo in my own soul...may we both find peace at the end of the journey.
Jarvenpa writes an insightful blog about her bookstore and the many interactions that it witnesses. She has touched so many and her social contributions make a difference... She is a light to her community, i'm sure.
Rania is an illustrator/artist who creates characters that ring true, and yet never depart the fantasy world. She is creative, used interesting methods and techniques, and loves knitting!
Lori uses photography and words to provide a beautiful perspective on her surroundings. She continues to inspire me daily, though she doesn't know it.
Zena is the person who introduced me to blogging. Even though she has not contributed to her blog in some time, I would like to recommend her as a leader/inspiration who has so much to give.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mabrouk! Congrats!

"Les étoiles palissent Soeur, car dés maintenant tu suiveras de nouvelles pistes dans la jungle de ta vie. Souviens-toi que nous restons a tes cotés, comme Frere Gris, fidèles a jamais..."

"The stars are fading, Sister, because as of now, you will be following new trails in the jungle of your life. Remember that we will always be by your side, like Grey Wolf, devoted till the end."

Mabrouk Leslie + Didier

Happy Easter

This is the time to be reborn, to rise from the ashes of ourselves to become better people. Let's be there for one another on that long journey. Happy Easter.