Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Uncertain Years

I feel the dawning of The Uncertain Years,
The blank page syndrome...

So much freedom yet so little action...
Torn in many directions, yearning for more.
Longing for stability, strong to the core.
Traveling many a country, none to call my home.
Citizen of the world, loyal to my soul.
Rambling out aloud, trying to make sense,
To find a direction, in this whole mess.

Enthusiastic, always.
Courageous, even more.
But looking through the mist,
I know not where to go.


Lebanon is calling and our heart is torn...
We are citizens of the world,

Our compass has no north,
so we carry in our hearts
that fresh breeze,
the majestic trees,
and those family bonds...

To keep us company in the lands which we pass through
Constantly looking for our home...

Even in Barcelona, Beirut is ever present