Saturday, July 29, 2006

What we crave

We now crave silence.
The city that never sleeps is weary.
Slowly being depleted, it is showing signs of aging
And its tired cry is no longer being heard: drowned out - phased out - shut up
It has been burnt alive and rockets are nailing down the coffin
What can we say; we are watching the lid closing down on us, we are savouring our last supper, our stolen moments
The light once bright, is now barely a ray struggling to break the foggy cloak that pollution has envelopped us in
A furtive glance, a gentil touch, are keeping us human and humane
We have stood are ground together - it may well be our saving grace
We lock hands and wait and hope... we might still be able to lift this heavy lid
Granted, we are afraid of what awaits us - on the other side of the inside of our country which is being "hung, strung, and decapitated all at once."
Paralyzed from the waist down, from Beirut to the South and the upper part is feeling numb.
We are trying to shake this feeling, but fuel shortages, supermarket cues and televised reports are wearing us down.
We lift our head, only to hear an ambulance screaching; drowning out the twitter of the birds who have yet to migrate; who are still stuck here with us. These days, it seems everyone is flying away, escaping our country. We seem content to become refugees and immigrants instead of citizens. Parents are frantically searching for visas, nationalities, anything that enables their families to leave.
Why does our livelihood come at the expense of our lives? Shall we exit our identity and leave our country at the border? SHall it become just another hot spot on the Middle Eastern front? Just another headline?
Why is travelling abroad becoming a necessity instead of a luxury?
Rocket reports, international summits, humanitarean relief, threats and demands, everyone is talking but no one is listening. Please be silent. Please listen. If you will not help, at least don't hurt... our wounded heart wants none of your pity, or your condemnation, or your approval.
Right now, we are focusing on surviving this inferno. Later on, we will ponder the possibilites made available and we will calculate the cost of our freedom. We will check the price of peace, and wonder if we gambled our future along the way.
Then we will be silent and we will think.


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