Saturday, July 29, 2006

Poetic injustice

We are a butterfly still immersed in our cocoon
Isolated from the rest of the world
We are suspended - left out to dry: dripping out patriotism, leaking pride

Yet they expect us to bloom and grow and I doubt we have enough energy left in us to spread our wings - or to soar
We have been singed...
by the rockets
by the hunger
by the tears shed by our families as they fled and dared to look back
by those who are left searching for lost loved ones

for those who have watched their dreams of a better future shattered, torn apart with every blast

a proud people reduced to begging for their next morsel of food, for shelter, for international support, for condemnation of this invasion, of this destruction, of this pain...

so much to say, but even words fail to do justice to the sentiments of a devastated country:
ravaged by war
raped by indifference
strangled by hatred

...poetic injustice...


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