Saturday, August 05, 2006

The YO-YO Effect

Today, I have been unable to concentrate.
My mind was been blown away with the blasts and i'm no longer making sense.
I feel they are toying with us, luring us with a false sense of security only to blast us to smithereens.

The YO-YO effect.

Not safe - Safe.

Suspended on a string, balancing between the extremely precarious and the comfortably safe.

Not safe - Safe

My lucky number.
Why couldn't it be over by now?
It seems like we're headed for 24 more days

Not safe - Safe
Not safe - Safe

I'm proud of all the people who have taken to blogs, there is no louder voice than a cry from the heart.
I have been reading the innermost thoughts of people who I may or may not know, and I am drawing strength from them.

I also share their anguish.
One of them was talking about losing our dreams, and I was being brave and telling her that only WE could give away our dreams...

Can I take it back?? The YO-YO effect is getting to me.
We were supposed to have a cease fire.
We were supposed to return to work.
We were supposed to be enjoying summer days and nights.
We were supposed to be rebuilding.
We were supposed...

There is no safety, no safe grounds, no safe moves.
We are prone to an attack anywhere, and at any time.
Fuel is running out.
Food is running out.
Medicine is running out.
People are running out.

I guess running has become the new national passtime...

We are growing tired.
And ironic.
I just hope that we don't grow silent.


At Saturday, August 05, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read something from Michael Berg once again. It helps but is not easy to take action in our own personal lives but read his words and see if you can glean something to help you.

"More than just noticing the pain that people experience in the world, we must actively search for it and teach ourselves to experience it as our own. But this is not an exercise in sadness or guilt. The true purpose of feeling another’s pain is to inspire us to attend to our spiritual work, which includes taking physical action in the world to alleviate human suffering.

In discussing this with Kabbalah students, I’ve sometimes seen them shake their heads sadly. “It sounds very inspiring,” they tell me, “but what’s the use? The magnitude of suffering in the world is just too great. There’s just too much pain for anyone to really make a difference.” This line of thinking is one of the most potent weapons of our negative inclination. Kabbalah empathically counsels us not to measure righteousness “by volume.” Just as the reverberations of a butterfly’s wings can eventually create a tornado, every positive act, however small, brings Light into the world which opens a channel for more Light. In this way the transformation of humanity will eventually become a reality.

Suppose your house were on fire and you had time to save some of your possessions but not all of them. Would you throw your hands up and say, “Forget it, if I can’t save it all, I’ll just let it all burn,” or would you run into the house and grab what you could? Most of us would do the latter, and the same principle applies to the situation of the world in general.

Alone, we cannot possibly alleviate all the pain and suffering that exists, but this is not a reason to stop trying. Kabbalah tells us that if we can help even one person, it is as though we’ve saved the entire world."

I hope I have helped one person!

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 , Blogger Piece of My Mind said...

Please dont give up. Ur hope shouldnt be running out.Pls keep the hope alive. I cant figure why innocent souls like urs n Zena's hv to go thru wat u're experiencin now...Pls remain strong...Pls, pls, pls.


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